...said the Cat to Alice.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

True colours, window reflections, happiness.

So the Cat went to London.
Now, London is a magic city for the Cat. A city where anything can happen, where people say "excuse me" when they bump into you at the street, where every colour of the rainbow can find its way into your outfit (without anybody staring at you)
Who ever said London is a gray city?

(details from the tiles in Baker Street Underground Station. Yes, it's Sherlock!)

And a close up...

The Cat got inspired and excited and decided she will wear all her colours in one outfit

(black dress, ASOS, old top cut open in front and worn as a cardigan, green scarf no idea, black beannie no idea)

And then she looked out the window and felt ready to explore the world via deductive reasoning

So of course she went shopping

(who needs Oxford str. when you have Carnaby? Ok, that was a big word, the Cat is taking it back:p)

Marvelled on the shop windows

(the Cat's boyfriend said: if you are EVER caught dead wearing any of that.....!)

Then suddenly, the cat felt reaaally old. I mean, if the 90's are vintage now...

Remember the Spice Girls? The Cat certainly does...

Thankfully, that night, a window of oppurtunity appeared... So the Cat had to step right into it!

(Faux fur jacket, H&M. Hot British funnyman, Russell Brand, property of Katy Perry:p)

Afterwards, the Cat went to eat at 15, Jamie Oliver's resto. THAT was so disappointing it's not worth to be mentioned here (let's just say that there was a reason that salad was called Fantastic. We had to fantasize its existence).

While, on the other hand, THIS is so worth mentioning

(lime dress, River Island. Unfortunately, the Cat got cold feet and did not buy it. Fortunately, River Island has an online shopping site)

And this is something the Cat would usually not buy. I mean, a shirt? AND a floral one? But the Cat felt so happy wearing it, so retro and lovely, that her Fairy God Mother had to buy it for her.

And a close up

(floral shirt, River Island).

Then, the Cat discovered Primark. It was a revelation. Especially the waiting line in front of the changing rooms, that stretch up till Starbucks two blocks away:p After 35 minutes, the cat HAD to make her time in the changing rooms worth the bother.

(dress, Primark, 9 pounds. Nice, but a bit ordinary. So no, thanks)

(T-shirt, Primark, 2,5 pounds. Nice, but the colour was blah on the Cat. So no)

(Holy Sweet Mother of God. When the Cat saw this dress, Primark, 11 pounds, she was thrilled. When she saw in ON her, she was appalled. Note to self: polka dots make you look huge. Avoid.)

But do not think for a second that the cat left Primark empty handed. She found a jacket of magnificent colour that so proudly escorted her to a walk in Notting Hill.

(earings and ring, Accessorize. Bag, Swap not Shop 3. Purple skirt, Swap not Shop 3)

And a floral weekend bag that hasn't left the Cat's elbow since. Check her out, here

(grey shorts, H&M. Purple tights, Accessorize. Pink fluo heels, Oasis, trying them on just now)

The Cat was so tempted...Tempted...

(well, yes, ok, end of suspense. She bought them)

For a while, the cat felt secure in all these colours. But then, it was time to return to the gray reality of Athens.

The next day, the cat wore her colours and strutted to work.
And people stared at her. And then bumped at her. AND THEY DIDN'T SAY "SORRY"!

"Oh, Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in London anymore", said the Cat.


  1. Nice boob pics baby! But why public? :p
    For the first time I ll admit I like that shirt (shows boobs nicely).
    I would gladly burn you like that D'Arc gal if you wore the blue one.
    The fur is terrible and it makes you look like an albino Wererat.
    Oh I m sure it's very stylish blah blah blah

  2. Loved that lime dress... But I'm a Taurus so it's something you could expect...

  3. I always feel shell shocked for at least three hours when arriving back in Greece after visiting England. It starts with the less than cheerful passport control, then the monstrous advertisements, usually vulgar, along the roadside and just goes downhill from there!

  4. I know... :-( I keep saying I should be living in London but nobody seems to believe I mean it. Maybe someday I'll actually do move there. Until then...well, there's always this blog!