...said the Cat to Alice.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Have some Mustard on top!

(photo taken from www.timetokillit.blogspot.com)

For all those who know the Cat, it is no hidded secret that she loves mustard.
No, not only on her steak, but on her wardrobe as well.
Yes, this is a post on the Importance of Mustard Yellow.
Some people will say it's a difficult colour.
To this, the Cat will respond kindly with two words: Michelle Williams.

(photo from www.oscars.com from the section "red carpet, past five years")

Well, ok, the Cat is no Michelle Williams to look so spectacular (and her arm candy was not bad, either. Dear Heath, I miss you).
But she has found a way to incorporate mustard yellow in her life.
It's called "a cardigan, from H&M"

The cat has paired it with black boots and black mood

(photo taken by the notorious Cat's Boyfriend)

With a cow-girl attitude

(cowboy boots, mitropoulos tessera. floral dress, asos. Scarf, thrifted from a supermarket in Moscow)

With the Cat's favorite pair of jeans

(grey jeans, asos. grey ballerina flats, asos. Paul's Boutique bag, Topshop. Scarf and t-shirt, Swap Not Shop Party NO3)

With navy blue and purple

(knitt dress, asos. grey boots, my mother's. scarf, no idea)

With a London view, talking to Cat's Boyfriend

(white beannie, a gift. grey top, H&M. Purple skirt, Swap Not Shop Party NO3)

With a nod to the 70's

(white beannie, a gift, dress, vintage, mom bought it from Italy, circa 1969)

And, finally, with the Cat's favorite party dress and heels!

(Party dress, asos. Heels, Zara)

To be honest, the Cat hasn't worn this outfit out in public yet.

But she just might...She just might...

See, the Cat feels good in mustard

So much so, that she chose the mustard fashion coat for her new phone

Well, isn't life better with a bit of mustard on top?


  1. Oh girl, we are mustard-cardi twins, me thinks!

  2. True! And as usually I am the last one to discover a trend:p Just read your piece, loved the Sartorialist photos!
    Bought any mustard coloured clothing lately?:p

  3. egw exw mustard boots :)
    teleio skoufaki!


  4. Thank you, είναι Αχιλλέας νομίζω, είχε και ασορτί κομμένα μακριά λευκά γάντια!
    Ωραίες οι Donna di Gio μπότες σου, τις χάζευα πριν :-)

  5. ti teleio to party dress kai poso sou paei o skoufos !!!!

  6. Και να σκεφτείς ότι μερικοί μερικοί μου λένε ότι μοιάζω σα νοσηλεύτρια με αυτό το σκούφο...:p
    Σ' ευχαριστώ baby (άντε να δούμε πότε θα το βάλω το φουστάνι, δεν έχει δει το φως του ήλιου)

  7. ok ok can u believe that i just realized that u have a blog! an my o my its lovely!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why, thank you giiiiirl!
    The Cat blushes :-)