...said the Cat to Alice.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Wellies!

Now that she comes to think about it, this photo started it all.

(photo by www.mycine.com.ar taken from flickr)

This photo made the cat fall in love with these silly, rubber shoes.

And then, other photos started to arrive, photos of Kate Moss and Lily Allen rocking their wellingtons during muddy festivals.

(Hunter Original Wellington Boot, as seen on Lily Allen, www.asos.com)

And the cat, did something spontaneous: she bought these babies, by Cath Kidston

She hasn't regretted it, since. These wellies have survived snow, heavy rain, heat (well, they were just TOO nice to hide in the closet), endless hours of solitary reading at Starbucks, walks around the city, excursions, Bologna.
They have been scorned by the cat's boyfriend, laughed at by random people in the street, marvelled by fellow co-workers (or laughed at, the cat sometimes can't tell the difference).
But now, they're somewhat mainstream (although boyfriend still seems to be apalled by them).
There are just so many ways to do wellies now.

There is Christina's casual chic way

Angela's urban way

Modcloth's way (the lovely indie retro site I discovered when Athena Koutromanos did her retro feature on Ermoumag - have you seen it by the way? Fabulous!)

(st-eye-le of the Tiger rain boots, www.modcloth.com)

K's simple elegant way

Kelly's old school tartan way

Forever 21's glitter way

(glitter rain boots, www.forever21.com)

Lisa's one-of-a-kind way

(yes, the cat realises she should give a more inspired description. But she can't. If the cat has learned anything at all from working all these years with the fashionista above, is this: "Don't try to combine colours. Just layer whatever feels right. Miraculously, it always works").

And the cat's new way, with wellies borrowed by Mom

(yes, obviously the cat tried to combine the colours. She has a lot to learn yet)

How do you feel about wellies? What's your way of wearing them?


  1. Just add those damn ugly things next to the damn ugly dresses on the pic..


    Some very clever guy convinced all you gullible and money-hating ((cause you HAVE to hate money to pay for something like that) ) gals that it is trendy to wear boots normaly seen on the feet of people who shovel shit for a living (a very respectable way to make a living, even without considering the way those fashion people make their own).
    And I havent even mentioned the fact that "wellies" were named after Wellington, whose top life achievement is that he fucked up a battle and lost because he was too busy POLISHING SHIT OUT OF HIS BOOTS.. (no that last is not a historical fact)

    1. Never mind shovelling shit, I'd screw the shit out of your 'Cat', with or without her wellies on!

  2. See people, I told you he's still apalled:p

  3. Of course I am appalled. They make women look like professional shit-shovellers and no-I-ll-not-get-tired-of-saying-it even if they have happy colors on them.
    I even wrote a post of mine against them.

  4. ur mom is so FETCH :D those wellies look awesome! i love them being short and Grey with light blue (+light pink) is a killer combo! megeia ta blogaki...ROCK ON!

  5. the pink hunter ones are massive!