...said the Cat to Alice.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Peut-etre qu'en Septembre...

...tu reviendras
Maybe, in September, you will be back.
That's a sweet, 90's song by Helene Rolles, the Cat used to listen to all the time.

The Cat had always great expectations of the month we like to call September.
Maybe it's the slight chill that makes the city more bearable, more mysterious even. Maybe it's the fact that, as far as the Cat is concerned, the New Year begins each September with the New School Year.
Maybe it's just that autumn is always so damn somber and melancholic and suits the Cat's moody moods just fine...

Whatever the reason, this September, the Cat will once again hope that:

1) She will stop postponing and start actually doing the things filed under "willdothatsomeday"
2) She will declutter her bathroom shelf, her beauty case, her wardrobe, her desk and her mind.
3) She will take better care of her self and use those beauty products. Well, some of them.
4) She will not skip yoga classes and she will find a way to have ballet back in her life.
5) She will lose the weight without going crazy about it. And then keep it off.
6) She will learn how to be a good student, and study History and do her assignments on time.
7)She will learn how to be a good sister (kisses from Greece all the way to Norway if you just read that), and a better friend and an even better aunt.
8) She will stop burdening the boyfriend with each complicated work issue and domestic drama and mood swing. In sort, she will hopefully stop nagging.
9) She will continue reading books in Spanish and learn some Norwegian.
10) She will find the Cat of her dreams and make it the Cat of her reality.
11) She will find a Home to furnish with bright colours and floral patterns. And with an old desk. And an old painting. And a brand new fridge. A humongous pile of books and shoes, artfully thrown on the floor. A dog. And a few cats who will think they own the place.
12) She will start writing again, until the file in her PC "book attempts", is renamed without the "attempts" part.
13) She will figure out what to do with her life, and her work and her future.
14) She will sleep more, drink less coffee, laugh more and worry less.
15) She will shop less. And she will not buy any more shoes unless something terrible happens to the ones she already owns.
16) She will have a third tattoo, and it will be of a more optimistic spirit than her two previous ones.
17) She will find a meaning in Life, the Universe and Everything.
18) She will find a meaning in this blog.

What's your September resolutions? Shall we keep them together?