...said the Cat to Alice.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black is blah (for the cat)

If we were to start a course, Fashion For Dummies, 0.1, the first header in the first chapter would go along the lines of...
"You can't go wrong with black".
Black is forever trendy, conceals these few extra pounds, makes you classy and serious and new-yorker....and of course, black is sexy.
The cat's boyfriend likes her in black (and only in black. Ok, and in gray if he feels crazy enough).
Then why whenever the car tries to wear one of her 4 LBDs she feels so soul-crushingly unhappy with her outfit? I mean, black is definately not boring.
There are just so many ways to do black.

There is Her Majesty The Queen of Cats way

Rihanna's way (photoshoot for W magazine, February 2010, via JustJared)

The OTHER Rihanna's way (Come on, it was cold, the girl practically had to put some clothes on. Via Just Jared)

The Cat's Mother's 60's mod way (I know, right? I will never look that Twiggy, even if I only endulge in water and icecubes)

Amalucky's Gossip Girl way (I always thought she looks like Serena!)

Mylena's boho tomboy way (isn't she a beauty? The cat sighs...)

My Boss's chic yet practical, austere yet glamorous way (now, about that raise...?)

My other Boss's sexy but come-no-hither-I'll-bite-your-neck-off-you-don't-sparkle way

And, finally, the cat's own way

What? It's raining outside people, the cat needs her wellies. No, she hasn't yet invested in a pair of BLACK wellies. As for the Shrek ears...oh, let them be!

Black will always be the new black, and the cat will always be a sucker for colours.


  1. kalws to !!!!!
    teleio post!!!
    poly chic to ntusimo ths pwlinas! teleies oi galotses sou !!!!!

  2. Wow, euxaristw glykoula mou, eisai to prwto mou comment!!!Ma den einai thea to boss?

  3. Alla apo dw ki empros tha prepei na vgainw vammeni stis fwtgografies...den einai moutra auta:p