...said the Cat to Alice.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mirror, mirror on your feet

"I don't know what is it about me, that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe it's because I smile too much. Maybe it's because I wear too much pink"... (said Pam, in True Blood)

So, they say eyes are the mirror of your soul.
The Cat beggs to differ.
Lately, she seems to think that shoes might reveal more about you than your sense of style, the amount of money you're willing to spend on trends, or your need to feel taller:p
Maybe a woman's shoe, is indeed the mirror of her soul.
So, what would your shoes say about you? Would they say...

(asos.com, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa) "I defy conventions. I am a fierce, fun woman who loves to be the center of attention and can handle sticky situations and criticism very well, thank you"

or more likely... (asos.com, asos sandals) "I am simple, but not plain. I like to be comfortable, but don't kid yourself boy: I know how to take care of myself. See how great my pedi looks?"

The Cat has gathered some of her shoes and tried to figure out what they're saying about her.Ready to find out?
"I can be a Lady. But ok, only if I let my freak flag fly"

"I will try being sexy, if you will try to notice it more. Also, hold my hand. Can't really walk on these things".

"Stay with me and I will take you places. Mess with me, and you mess with Chuck Norris".

But right now, the Cat is not in the mood for flamboyant statements and big words.
The Cat is in the mood for "what you see, is what's you get".
And of course, there is the perfect shoe for that.
jelly shoes, bought in Barcelona for 8 euro.

So if the Cat feels a bit naked and exposed, it's OK.
She is not going to hide behind a shoe.You can't really do that, anywayz.

"Trust I seek, and I find in you"
Because, in the end, Nothing Else Matters.