...said the Cat to Alice.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The painting that started it all

When the cat was very little, she used to stare this painting on her grandma's wall for hours. And hours. Chasing pirates,just like Norah Jones.


When grandma moved to Thundera, just like every awsome cat will one day do, the painting passed on to her son, the cat's uncle. But this Christmas, the painting found its way home.
And guess what, it is a home now.
Before, it had only been a room.
And the cat wants to start taking pictures of her home, and showing them to the world.

The cat needs to arrange her wardrobe colour-wise. Look at this mess.

And this is where the cat works. Post-cards from Bologna, Norway (thanks to sweet sister), London and a lovely card Alessandra Peterson from Moschino sent me a few Christmases ago - too lovely to ever go away. Oh, and of course, Lenka - she is with me always (and that's Maria on the shelve, among my jewelry. Opera lovers, don't be quick to call me sacrilegious)

The best slippers ever, from Accessorize. And the best bath mat ever, from Bed and Bath. Both, a gift from two most glamorous gals. Also, the floor could do with a bit of scrubbing.

Now, the cat will be late for Sunday coffee with besties. As always!