...said the Cat to Alice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Want Vs Need

Often, life is a contradiction in terms.
Now that sales season is well on its way, the cat finds her self in an even greater shopping mood. She wants this, she wants that...
Well, that's nothing new. What's new is that for the first time, the cat needs to be more responsible, Uni on the way, and an ill-thought trip to London (perfect place, wrong timing).
So, she decided to play a little game.

See, the cat desperately wants...

(Isn't it great? Isn't it made for my blog? Isn't it made for my work?www.jukupop.com)

But what the cat actually needs, is...

(This year, is my Year of Cardigans. I bought my first in mustard yellow, yes, mustard yellow. Now, I need more, cause I'm cold and all I did these previous years was buying short sleeved tops. Yes, very much like the one above. Boyfriend cardigan, www.asos.com).

Moving on, the cat fell in love with these and wants them badly...

(Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, what more could a cat ask for? www.asos.com)

But to be frank, what the cat should buy ASAP is...

(Because the cat goes to her gym in the same, almost torn golden sneakers of 5 years)

Isn't this thought-provoking? I mean sure, the cat covets...

(because who wouldn't covet an Ed Hardy bag? www.asos.com)

But what the cat actually needs, is some...

(Luggage. So that she stops borrowing her mom's ALL the time. Plus, her mom's luggage is black. And we have already discussed about black... www.valitsa.gr)

And, dresses. The cat can never have enough dresses. Not when they're so cute!

(sexy, yet chic, yet not BORING, wouldn't you say? www.asos.com)

But the cat had better buy something like that

(elegant, practical, PLUS she could wear it outside the office without being laughed at by her boyfriend www.asos.com)

And it's not only in the fashion realm, where the cat finds her self torn. She recently started paying attention to her room. THAT was LOVE from first sight.

(gorgeous, gorgeous Paul Smith hanging, from his online shop www.paulsmith.co.uk)

But in reality, what the cat needs is not love from the first sight, but a good solid chair for her desk, that will replace the dining chair she now (ab)uses.

(ok, this one is pretty as well. And affordable. Skruvsta chair, from IKEA)

And the list goes on. Thanks to boyfriend, the cat is currently obsessed with G. R. Martin's, A Song of Ice and Fire. Now that she finished the third book, A Storm of Swords, she desperately wants..

(The fourth book, which is going to be just as amazing, she knows. www.amazon.com)

But to be honest, what the cat should be getting some time soon, is...

(Because her books have a life of their own. And they're currently yelling "Stop pilling us on the radiator/desk/floor!" Photo called "loftshelves", taken by William Waldron and found in the blog www.designholeonline.com )

Last, but not least, it is known how the cat loves to cook. And wouldn't be lovely if she could cook wearing that?

(Bella Vintage apron, from the lovely Etsy shop of Boojiboo, www.etsy.com)

But let's get real. What the cat's kitchen is lacking, is...

What do you want? What do you need? How do you compromise the two?


  1. Those Aprons are great, so retro. I have some little helpers making some vintage style aprons to sell in our cupcake cafe and online at our blog as we speak... stay tuned....

  2. no wonder this full-of-thoughts cat has a boyfriend,she's so cute and adorable.. :-)

  3. The cat's boyfriend graciously agrees only with the purchase of Martin's book and of the girl in pic #2. Ok maybe the microwave too..
    The Cat should not buy any of that "I pieced together stuff I found in a radioactive junkyard,just outside Baldrick's hovel and I charge extortionate sums of people stupid enough to buy this crap".Things like the "Love" painting which seems like the nightmare of a schizophrenic rhino who bought bad LSD from a monkey princess and has a bad trip.
    And if the cat buys that horrible apron, the cat's boyfriend will probably spray "RIP, MY BONER" on it and go for cigarettes. :p
    The first t-shirt looks good though.
    The cat's boyfriend will now return to his cave and continue his experiments.

  4. wooo I love the apron!! so original!!! mine has a woman's body with sexy lingerie :P