...said the Cat to Alice.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need for Spring...

(a lovely tea towel from www.todryfor.com)

"I can smell the sunlight on your skin", said Vampire Bill to Virgin Suki.
Yes, the Cat has started watching True Blood.
But that is not what this post is about.
This post, my friends, is about Spring.
This post, is about the Cat wanting to actually feel the sunlight on her skin, again. And if that's not possible yet, then the Cat wants to be surrounded with things that give her that feeling.
Like this picture. Ah, this picture...

(Queen's Woods, Sean Raggett, April 2009. Photographic Portrait Prize 2009. Admired by the Cat and bought in National Portrait Gallery, London)

Or this dress.

("this time tomorrow dress", www.modcloth.com)

Or some of the Cat's co-workers who started remembering the floral trend

(our Fashion Stylist, Martha. Isn't she just lovely?).

Suddenly, one of the Cat's favorite songs start playing...

Pink Martini-Hang On Little Tomato

And the Cat realises.
Spring is, actually, all around her.

(www.floragrubb.com A magical place full of vertical gardens of succulents, the Cat discovered thanks to the great @Kanella)

Ok, the Cat may not have a vertical garden.
But she can always turn to her little green, floral friends.

(matrioshka doll, bought from a trip to Moscow)

(Mr. Frog, Zara Home)

(Eiffel Tower, bought, well, from a trip to Paris, Eiffel Tower. The poster was made by one of our lovely readers! Yes, that's a snick pick from the Cat's office!)

After all, the Cat is not alone in remembering Spring.
Oscar is doing it too.

(Oscar de la Renta, Spring- Summer 2010, www.style.com)

And everywhere the Cat looks, there's bound to be some small, floral treasure.

(Candy Flowers Hankie, by the Cat's favorite Cath Kidston, www.cathkidston.co.uk)

(floral cotton push-up bra and floral bloom print thong, www.topshop.com)

(Electric Flowers Roberts Radio, www.cathkidston.co.uk)

(ASOS Kate Floral Denim Leggings, www.asos.com)

(vintage rose bucket bag, Cath Kidston, yes, the Cat is obsessed. Also found in www.asos.com)

Can't you feel the sunlight already? The Cat can.
Keep that song playing...

(ASOS Floral Culottes, www.asos.com)

And if sometimes life is still grey, well there's beauty in that too

("Kew Gardens" dress, www.modcloth.com)

All we need is hope, some friends to wait for the spring together

The Cat's friend and co-worker Kelly. With this dress and this look, better times are BOUND to come)

And a good cup of tea...

(Provence Rose Cup and Saucer, www.cathkidston.co.uk)

What gets you in the mood for spring?


  1. Heey, an artist in my blog! Welcome giiirl! Love your voice!! (and your sewing skills :-)

  2. Γεια σου,
    πολύ ωραίο το blog σου, τώρα το βρήκα και μου άρεσε πολύ η φωτογραφία στην επικεφαλίδα. Αυτοί οι πίνακες με τρελαίνουν. Είμαι στο blogroll σου από ότι είδα -με χαρά- και απλώς εκτός από τα καλά μου λόγια να σου ζητήσω να αλλάξεις και το όνομα καθώς και το url του σε Rdeco.gr
    Σε ευχαριστώ για το λίνκινγκ.

  3. Please SPRING dont come, dont come, please spring just sod off because my gf is going to be dressed like the royal gardens of King Looney XVII...

  4. @Rdeco Αχ, έχεις δίκιο, ξέχασα να το διορθώσω, will do now!
    Σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα καλά σου λόγια - αυτό τον πίνακα τον χάζευα από μικρή, μεγαλώσαμε μαζί κατά κάποιο τρόπο.
    @boyfriend Don't worry about spring. I'm gonna be dressed like the royal gardens of King Looney anyway:p