...said the Cat to Alice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's OK to...

Most of you probably know that the Cat, among other things, writes the monthly column "It's OK to" for her beloved Glamour Magazine.
And it's really one of her favorite columns, because it's a constant reminder that life can be and should be 100% guilt free.

So, really, it's OK to...

...Dress up in your "normal" clothes for Carnival

(The Cat, styled as Gwen Stefani, with the kind help of her friend M. Jacket, Stradivarious. T-shirt, Zara. Gloves, bikini and socks, no idea. Tracksuit pants, Puma. Scarf worn as a belt, H&M. Shoes, Pimkie)

...Equally love your books and shoes (and equally shop and stock both)

(heels, Office. Books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, Douglas Adams. My Booky Wook, Russell Brand. Tristram Shandy, Laurence Sterne)

...Envy your friend's style (although you know the things they wear would never look half that good on you)
(the Cat's best friend, Evi, who has spent one too many nights watching Next Top Model:p The Cat adores her, and her preppy school girl meets urban chic combo)

(notice the brooch...)

(even cowgirls get the blues...)

And this is lovely Alex, the Cat's friend and co-worker. A rock chick with a skater attitude and loads of drama - well, she IS an actress!)

(she loves skulls and will always love dear McQueen...)

(To shop or not to shop? That is the question!)

...Find style inspiration in silly little things

(Green, mustard and grey? Anytime. Reading glasses case, Octopus. Dress and belt, Sfera. Mustard cardi, well, see previous post)

...or in your imaginary friends

(The Joker, photo from imdb.com. Dress, Asos. Scarf, H&M. Belt, Asos. Bag, Moschino).

...have a weird crush on this guy

(Katy Perry's boyfriend, photo from JustJared)
...or this guy

(the notorious Cat's boyfriend. Unfortunately, that's not his real hair:p)

...love fluo a bit too much

(necklace, no idea. Nail polish, Essie. Jeans, Asos. Shoes, Oasis. Bangle, H&M)

But hey, it's NOT OK to...
...Forger you hated it, just because it's hot right now!

I mean, cycling shorts as the new leggings? Really now? (picture from asos.com)

What is "OK to" for you?
Let the Cat know (and she will post about it or write about it in next month's issue)...
And for more "It's OK to", don't forget to check Glamour Greece's March Issue!


  1. eisai thea!!!!!!!!!!!1i love you!!!!!!!!ax!na mhn htan oi govitses sto noumero mou!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Χαχαχα, σε κατάλαβα! Εσύ είσαι θεά!

  3. Please REMOVE either the pic of the guy with the girly top OR my pic. Both of them together is an insult. And me second. And YOU have a crush on HIM which means you like this kind of guys, and that means that I ... make the damn connection..

  4. "Forget you hated it, just because it's hot right now!"
    Εδώ γελάμε..
    Αφού αυτό κάνετε. ΣΥΝΕΧΕΙΑ..
    Μόλις κάποιος παπάρας σας πείσει ότι είναι της μόδας, ή αβαν γκάρντ ή δεν ξέρω και εγώ τι.. ΒΟΥΥΥΥΡΡΡΡΡ...

  5. tosa polla dn kserw ti na prwto sxoliasw mou aresei polu to blogaki dani mu !

  6. @Mairyliscious Thank you dearest!
    @Cat's boyfriend Russell has a weird yet great sense of humour. That's the only connection I'm willing to make concerning you two:p

  7. what a... liberating post!

    i guess, it's ok to wear whatever makes you happy, it's not ok to wear what will please anyone other than you:)

    *see, that's why I never claim to hate anything, damn things always return for revenge!!

  8. Shoes and books. I agree on that one! 100%
    Cat's boyfriend.. seems like you need to grow your hair then??

  9. Cat's Bald BoyfriendFebruary 24, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    Μπα, όχι πάλι μακρύ μαλλί.. πάνε αυτές οι εποχές...

  10. i'm with Cat's boyfriend! still can't believe how you can claim to have a crush on Russel...too! :P

  11. to prasino foremataki me ta fermouar einai teleio!!!

  12. @justaddaccessory Ευχαριστώ! Το έχω και σε μαύρο! Αλλά νιώθω ότι χωρίς μια ζώνη στη μέση, "προσθέτει" λίγο με όλα αυτά τα ruffles.

  13. Πολύ ωραία τα πράσινα φορέματα!