...said the Cat to Alice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's OK to...

Most of you probably know that the Cat, among other things, writes the monthly column "It's OK to" for her beloved Glamour Magazine.
And it's really one of her favorite columns, because it's a constant reminder that life can be and should be 100% guilt free.

So, really, it's OK to...

...Dress up in your "normal" clothes for Carnival

(The Cat, styled as Gwen Stefani, with the kind help of her friend M. Jacket, Stradivarious. T-shirt, Zara. Gloves, bikini and socks, no idea. Tracksuit pants, Puma. Scarf worn as a belt, H&M. Shoes, Pimkie)

...Equally love your books and shoes (and equally shop and stock both)

(heels, Office. Books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, Douglas Adams. My Booky Wook, Russell Brand. Tristram Shandy, Laurence Sterne)

...Envy your friend's style (although you know the things they wear would never look half that good on you)
(the Cat's best friend, Evi, who has spent one too many nights watching Next Top Model:p The Cat adores her, and her preppy school girl meets urban chic combo)

(notice the brooch...)

(even cowgirls get the blues...)

And this is lovely Alex, the Cat's friend and co-worker. A rock chick with a skater attitude and loads of drama - well, she IS an actress!)

(she loves skulls and will always love dear McQueen...)

(To shop or not to shop? That is the question!)

...Find style inspiration in silly little things

(Green, mustard and grey? Anytime. Reading glasses case, Octopus. Dress and belt, Sfera. Mustard cardi, well, see previous post)

...or in your imaginary friends

(The Joker, photo from imdb.com. Dress, Asos. Scarf, H&M. Belt, Asos. Bag, Moschino).

...have a weird crush on this guy

(Katy Perry's boyfriend, photo from JustJared)
...or this guy

(the notorious Cat's boyfriend. Unfortunately, that's not his real hair:p)

...love fluo a bit too much

(necklace, no idea. Nail polish, Essie. Jeans, Asos. Shoes, Oasis. Bangle, H&M)

But hey, it's NOT OK to...
...Forger you hated it, just because it's hot right now!

I mean, cycling shorts as the new leggings? Really now? (picture from asos.com)

What is "OK to" for you?
Let the Cat know (and she will post about it or write about it in next month's issue)...
And for more "It's OK to", don't forget to check Glamour Greece's March Issue!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Need for Spring...

(a lovely tea towel from www.todryfor.com)

"I can smell the sunlight on your skin", said Vampire Bill to Virgin Suki.
Yes, the Cat has started watching True Blood.
But that is not what this post is about.
This post, my friends, is about Spring.
This post, is about the Cat wanting to actually feel the sunlight on her skin, again. And if that's not possible yet, then the Cat wants to be surrounded with things that give her that feeling.
Like this picture. Ah, this picture...

(Queen's Woods, Sean Raggett, April 2009. Photographic Portrait Prize 2009. Admired by the Cat and bought in National Portrait Gallery, London)

Or this dress.

("this time tomorrow dress", www.modcloth.com)

Or some of the Cat's co-workers who started remembering the floral trend

(our Fashion Stylist, Martha. Isn't she just lovely?).

Suddenly, one of the Cat's favorite songs start playing...

Pink Martini-Hang On Little Tomato

And the Cat realises.
Spring is, actually, all around her.

(www.floragrubb.com A magical place full of vertical gardens of succulents, the Cat discovered thanks to the great @Kanella)

Ok, the Cat may not have a vertical garden.
But she can always turn to her little green, floral friends.

(matrioshka doll, bought from a trip to Moscow)

(Mr. Frog, Zara Home)

(Eiffel Tower, bought, well, from a trip to Paris, Eiffel Tower. The poster was made by one of our lovely readers! Yes, that's a snick pick from the Cat's office!)

After all, the Cat is not alone in remembering Spring.
Oscar is doing it too.

(Oscar de la Renta, Spring- Summer 2010, www.style.com)

And everywhere the Cat looks, there's bound to be some small, floral treasure.

(Candy Flowers Hankie, by the Cat's favorite Cath Kidston, www.cathkidston.co.uk)

(floral cotton push-up bra and floral bloom print thong, www.topshop.com)

(Electric Flowers Roberts Radio, www.cathkidston.co.uk)

(ASOS Kate Floral Denim Leggings, www.asos.com)

(vintage rose bucket bag, Cath Kidston, yes, the Cat is obsessed. Also found in www.asos.com)

Can't you feel the sunlight already? The Cat can.
Keep that song playing...

(ASOS Floral Culottes, www.asos.com)

And if sometimes life is still grey, well there's beauty in that too

("Kew Gardens" dress, www.modcloth.com)

All we need is hope, some friends to wait for the spring together

The Cat's friend and co-worker Kelly. With this dress and this look, better times are BOUND to come)

And a good cup of tea...

(Provence Rose Cup and Saucer, www.cathkidston.co.uk)

What gets you in the mood for spring?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Have some Mustard on top!

(photo taken from www.timetokillit.blogspot.com)

For all those who know the Cat, it is no hidded secret that she loves mustard.
No, not only on her steak, but on her wardrobe as well.
Yes, this is a post on the Importance of Mustard Yellow.
Some people will say it's a difficult colour.
To this, the Cat will respond kindly with two words: Michelle Williams.

(photo from www.oscars.com from the section "red carpet, past five years")

Well, ok, the Cat is no Michelle Williams to look so spectacular (and her arm candy was not bad, either. Dear Heath, I miss you).
But she has found a way to incorporate mustard yellow in her life.
It's called "a cardigan, from H&M"

The cat has paired it with black boots and black mood

(photo taken by the notorious Cat's Boyfriend)

With a cow-girl attitude

(cowboy boots, mitropoulos tessera. floral dress, asos. Scarf, thrifted from a supermarket in Moscow)

With the Cat's favorite pair of jeans

(grey jeans, asos. grey ballerina flats, asos. Paul's Boutique bag, Topshop. Scarf and t-shirt, Swap Not Shop Party NO3)

With navy blue and purple

(knitt dress, asos. grey boots, my mother's. scarf, no idea)

With a London view, talking to Cat's Boyfriend

(white beannie, a gift. grey top, H&M. Purple skirt, Swap Not Shop Party NO3)

With a nod to the 70's

(white beannie, a gift, dress, vintage, mom bought it from Italy, circa 1969)

And, finally, with the Cat's favorite party dress and heels!

(Party dress, asos. Heels, Zara)

To be honest, the Cat hasn't worn this outfit out in public yet.

But she just might...She just might...

See, the Cat feels good in mustard

So much so, that she chose the mustard fashion coat for her new phone

Well, isn't life better with a bit of mustard on top?