...said the Cat to Alice.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, hello Spring!

There's an old greek saying "a swallow alone cannot bring spring".
Nevertheless, this is a pigeon - and it looks quite determined, the Cat thinks!
So Spring, indeed is here and all the Glamour girls in the Cat's office have greeted it in their own personal way!

(My friend Kelly, is with the Cullen family. Boho, yet Vampire Cool)

(My friend Alexandra, in her usual rock chick awesomeness, combining two leopard prints)

(Eliana, in full bloom!Don't you just love the colours?)
(Eliana again, the following day, proving that brunettes can do both colours and nudes - without looking like ghosts in the latter!)

(My boss, wearing jeggings and high-heeled sandals)
(notice the old school tattoo detail on the sleeve- which is basically not a sleeve but a legging, worn as a sleeve!)

(Christiana, aka The Glamour Top Model, wearing a fabulous green jacket)

(Sasha, our fashion stylist, is in the army!)

(Lisa always finds a way to turn something cute, cue polka dots, into something cool, chic and quirky)

So...what's a Cat going to wear this spring?
After spending a good amount of time nagging about how I don't have any clothes, my fairy god mothers, also known as besties, took me on a shopping spree for my birthday.
Want to see the results?

(floral dress, H&M)

(This is what the Cat wore today. Fucshia strapless dress, H&M. Trench-coat, Bershka. Fluo heels, Oasis, bought in London)

(And thanks to Kelly and her lovely gift, this is what the Cat is wearing tomorrow! Top and floral skirt, Zara)

So, Spring can officially begin.
The Cat has the clothes and some days, she even has the mood.
But you know, what?



  1. Oh well! Spring has sprung Officialy! I really have to see you wear those florals to take lessons! I suck when it comes to mixing prints etc!

  2. That last outfit with the navy V-neck and the floral skirt just gave me inspiration on how to wear my own navy H&M V-neck shirt. Thanks!!!

  3. Cat's boyfriendMarch 30, 2010 at 12:58 AM

    Τώρα μπερδεύτηκα, η άνοιξη ήρθε ή οι απόκριες;

  4. @lopi I'm wearing mine today!
    @Elena I will tell you this: my friend Kelly bought me this plain blue top with the floral skirt, because she was afraid I might wear the skirt with some Batman-themed top! Apparently I'm a disaster at mixing prints:p:p

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  6. Η άνοιξη μαλλον ήρθε! ωραίο styling!

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