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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Cat at AXDW

Disclaimer: the Cat, does not consider herself a fashion blogger. There are others, way more devoted and better skilled (plus, with better cameras) to do this job. The Cat has been a blogger since 2005 and only lately, started incorporating photos and some fashion elements in her posts. That being said, the Cat did go to the opening show of AXDW, met up with the lovely fashion bloggers Chloe in the Sky, Fashion Architect, SohoSymposium, AleccaRox and Fashion Paths (for links, check left side of page)and generally had fun with her Amalucky.
Here's what the Cat saw...

The AXDW place, still empty.

My good friend Christina Zarda, styling backstage for the Ego!Weekly show, posing here with Amalucky (with matching outfits!)

People from Liberis Publications have started to arrive in order to help with the show

(that's Maria and Maria with their matching shoes)

and the very glamorous Natalia from Hello! Magazine

Then, the Cat and Amalucky went backstage

That's Anousa Mela from Ego!Weekly

And that's Mihalis Koronis, our photographer from Digital Studio Liberis, never missing a chance!

And that's us, in the middle of everything!

But where are the clothes? Ah, here they are!

Ok, time for some serious rest before the show!

The models, outside, indulging in a few bites

So we had time to explore the concept store and the clothes

and of course, pose in front of works of art!

Then, the lovely fashion bloggers appeared (sohosymposium, chloeinthesky,lopilopi,)
Life Full of Fashion with her lovely new camera, Alecca Rox with her lovely Anna Oikonomou bag

Annousa again, with a different outfit, reminded us that's it's time for the Ego! Weekly show

So, we entered the room...

Met up with the more-sexy-than-evah Christiana from FashionPaths

And Angie from Liberis Creative department (isn't she a doll?)

loaded up our secret weapons, iPhone and chocolate...

...and prepared to enjoy the show!

P.S. As I said in the Disclaimer a few hundred pictures above, for photos of the shows and of the following days of AXDW, you should go to the lovely fashion bloggers mentioned above (and probably to the other fashion bloggers who have been there, and I just didn't have the pleasure of meeting them yet). Thank you for enduring this humongous post. Dear Eliana, sleep tight!


  1. thanks girl!
    we all had a great time =)

  2. @Chloe and I loved that frilly dress of yours!

  3. teleiaaa....
    ti kalaa 9elw k egwww...
    apla se zileuww p isoun ekei..

  4. You know how much i enjoy your posts!

  5. @rdeco Well, thank you dearest. It goes without saying that I always enjoy your posts too!!