...said the Cat to Alice.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Not Sugar Project (Day 4)

(Banana and double chocolate cupcakes, made and baked by the Cat, on her birthday)

The Cat has been toying with the idea for quite some time now.
In other words, the Cat knows that sugar is bad for her, and she knows she is addicted. And although having been on Atkins for almost a year now, the Cat always found an excuse to break the pattern and eat some sweets and then gain some weight and then start again and then... Oh, I think you get the picture.

To be honest, the inspiration for this were two fashion bloggers: the lovely Thalia from Life in Athens (who as we all know started the Not Shop Project) and Nina Malvada aka kataifi from Las Ninas y Los Ninos, who is a fellow sugar-worshipper and suggested the name "The Not Sugar Project"!

So, here it is, the Cat has started it.
It's been 4 days now, and she has not eaten ANY sugar! (maximum sugarless period EVER has been two weeks. By then, the Cat wanted to eat like, an entire army of chocolate soldiers)
But now she's sharing it with you guys, she's got an extra reason not to go back and eat ALL of these!

Well, ok. Life without sugar does not equal an eternity in bacon and eggs hell. She does have the Atkins bars to help her get through these really tough afternoons at the office.
(remember this picture? It's the one the Cat took for her Atkins Article, on LoveCooking_GR, http://www.lovecooking.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=831:2010-03-12-14-57-18&catid=34:scientific-articles )

But the Cat needs something more, in order to live sugarless and happy.
She needs this.

(Sugar Free Diabetics Cupcake Hummingbird from Liz's Cupcake Bakeshop in Nafplio, Greece, opening soon. The picture was taken from her blog, www.cupcakesgringreek.blogspot.com)

And thanks to lovely Liz, the Cat realised that it's possible to bake beautiful staff without sugar. So the Cat has searched the market for the appropriate sugar substitute and...
Well, she will let you know in following Not Sugar Project posts!

Until then,


  1. Hi Danai!

    Your cupcakes look great! I'd like to see some of your creations without sugar! I've cut out sugar in the past (it's a bit difficult in my job). I lost 7 kilos so that should be an encouragement for you. After about 10 days or so you will likely feel ill because of candida die-off if you are being very strict about keeping off sugar. Even though you might feel ill for a few days when you come out the other side you will feel great! I can't wait to hear the results!

  2. Not sugar project?sounds difficult!!good luck!Perimenw to epomeno post,thelw k ti suntagi gia sugarless cupcakes!
    p.s.love ur blog :)

  3. Oh my god!!!! I guess you mean no artificial sugar ( you eat fruits, right?) You can try rapadura or rice syrup as an alternative in case you want something sweet!!! I really admire you!!!!

  4. @Princess Margot I'm on Atkins, so fruit are forbidden for the first two weeks! I can use sucralose though, for sweets!

  5. I didn't know that you cannot eat fruits on Atkins. Are you any happy with it?

  6. latreuw ta glukaaa...
    eidika ta kekakiaa stis prwtes foto..

  7. I suggest we organise a LoveCupcakes trip to Nafplio!!!! :)

    Your little cakes are adorable aka I want them for breakfast right now!


  8. As soon as we're open I'll be accepting bookings :) Sugar free of course.. or maybe not!

  9. @Christiana Great great idea! I might even convince them that they need to hire me as an assistant:p:p
    @fashionist ahead Ki egw dear, alla den paei allo! Den tha xwraw stis photo!
    @Princess Margot I don't miss them THAT much to be honest (I HATE apples and strawberries, and oranges are bad for my stomach), plus it's only for two weeks, then you can start adding them slowly in your diet. I will definately be eating some melon as soon as I can though!

  10. hey since you're so serious about this, you have my full support! i could never do that. in fact, i don't want to do that.
    one really promising diet that is quite the hit is the one where you eat a little snack every 2 hours, so you're always eating and by the end of the day you feel full. why don't you ask your dietologist about it?

  11. wow twra se anakalipsa!!!!! what a lovely post! exw se 5 meres genethlia. thelw na ftiaksw mia terastia tourta! san ta cupcakes sou...

  12. @λου, μπες στο σάιτ της bakerella, από κει πήρα τις συνταγές και μετά τις εφάρμοσα με την πολύτιμη βοήθεια της liz cupcakes! Και χρόνια πολλά, σου εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο!
    @stella I'm sending you an e-mail, non diet related, it's about that great project you did with the IKEA icecubes!

  13. These look so so good!

    Just came across your blog!
    It is lovely!