...said the Cat to Alice.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm thankful for...

...bubble-gum scented showergel. And hot showers in the morning

...Scrambled eggs, bacon, my espresso brewing machine and soya milk at 5 in the morning when it's still pitch dark outside.

...nutmeg and dark chocolate.

...my laptop.

...IKEA furniture and friends who don't mind spend the weekend helping you re-paint your room, or put together your new IKEA furniture.

...friends who don't mind (so much) when I forget to text back.

...friends, in general

...Heroes, season 4, Pirate Bay and Bit.lord

...a mom who can't cook to save her life, but will do so, to save mine.

...Atkins diet

...tattoos. All great truths, in my opinion, should be written on the body

...my ankles, when they fail me. I need yet to be taught to sometimes stay in bed and not overwork myself to death.

...my bed, with my fluffy cushions and the stripe-patterned lamp that keeps ghosts and nightmare away

...words, who still manage not to fail me when I need them

...500 Days of Summer

...time. It passes slowly when you're waiting (whether it's for your train or for the heartache to pass), but it passes nontheless.

...taxi-drivers. They have provided me with enough material to stop postponing and star writing my book

...my dentist, who deep down is a therapist;p

...state therapists, who provide their service for free, should anyone need them

...the fact that I haven't needed a therapist yet

...Two and a Half Men, Blackadder and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Because they remind me that it should be easier to laugh than cry

...him. Because he will still make me laugh, even if all the above fails.

...you, who are reading these lines. Because you are probably me, in the near future.