...said the Cat to Alice.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Adult Fear

When the cat was just a tiny furball, she thought she was a lion.
She would rise her back and stretch her claws and her whiskers, like furious antenas would vibrate with glorious rage.
She would be always ready to fight men and shadows.
But as the years went by, the cat learnt too much.
She learnt that there are men you can't overcome, no matter how loud you hiss at them.
She learnt that there are some shadows that can literally consume you.
She became so accustomed with fear, that she ventures only things that don't really matter to her.
But our child self, sometimes knows better.
Sometimes, we are not as fragile as we have learnt to believe.
Sometimes, the cat should remember to act like a lion.
Even if, inside, she feels like a scared, tiny furball.