...said the Cat to Alice.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looniness is a state of mind

The cat was very happy to wear her green wellies again. Saturday morning, rain was falling and she took her purple umbrella and her no longer purple mood to the supermarket. Found some interesting sweeteners there, of the restrained kind. But the evil sun came out the next day like an ominous net. Inside the metro, she looked out of season. Like a mushroom glistening happily between raindrops. The woman in front of her, kept rolling cigarettes, putting them in her cigarette case. The man next to her, was dancing to his own shuffles, a superman wall-papered on his cell phone. The lady in front of him, kept cheking her watch and her mini-pot. Flowers of some sort. The cat with the green wellies looked outside. Through the glass, the metro was storming through in the opposite direction. Did the people in there look normal? Or was it just the double-insulating glass?

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