...said the Cat to Alice.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A dark fouetté of the soul

(photo taken from www.nureyev-medical.org)
When the Cat was a little kitten, her Mother started crying one afternoon while watching TV.
Of course, that wasn't so unusual. What was unusual, was the fact that she afterwards went to the corridor, where a poster of a beautiful dancer was hanging from the wall. There, between sobs, she muttered: "Rudi died today".
"Was he a relative of ours, Mom?" asked the little Cat.
"In a way", she said. "In a way"...

As I mentioned before, the Cat was very little then. She did not understand who Rudolf Nureyev was, and why he was so great.
But as the years went by and the Cat started learning more about the world, she understood a bit. She discovered the pleasures and the pains of ballet in her late teens. Of course by then, it was too late to become anything remotely reminiscing her, the Goddess, Sylvie Guillem.
(photo taken from www.perverted-daisies.tumblr.com)

But the Cat kept trying, clumsy and fat as she was. And that's not even the point of this post. The point is, the Cat fully appreciates now the breathtaking beauty of this thing called Ballet, the horrible pain that inflicts on the body and the strength of character it takes to look so cool and effortless while doing it. Mikhail Nicolaevich Baryshnicov, I love you.(photo taken from www.bodybyballet.wordpress.com)

Last year, the Cat had the honour to interview a great dancer, Richard Winsor, Matthew Bourne's leading Swan in the all-male Swan Lake. Apart from being a delightful and down to earth fellow, the Cat could help but notice how excruciatingly beautiful he was, his arms, his limbs ever so strong and yet gentle... OK, let's all take a deep breath here.(photo taken from www.birminghammail.net)

So, when the Cat first watched the Black Swan trailer, knew there wasn't a chance in hell to miss that movie. Although Natalie Portman is not a personal favorite (neither is Vincent Cassel, or even Daniel Aronofsly to that matter). She knew she was going to love the Black Swan movie.(photo taken from www.fanpop.com)

And you know what? The Cat was right. She is not a film critic so she won't bother telling you what a dark masterpiece it was, how great Natalie's performance was and why she thinks the direction was amazing. There are movie reviews for that (the Cat particularly loved the ones she read in Lifo http://tinyurl.com/5vmj8ah and in Critique.gr http://tinyurl.com/6bp9gb2 ).

But she will say this: there is madness in perfection.
In pursuing that fleeting moment of beauty.
In giving your whole life to this cause, hurting your body and breaking your spirit over and over again. In attacking life like a fouette, giving it all you got, just for a moment, a perfect moment when you will find balance.
Yes, there is madness in all that. But oh, how lovely a madness it is...
(photo taken from www.lauragrandefilm.blogspot.com)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby It's Cold Inside...

(image taken from www.thisprettyspace.tumblr.com)

So, the Cat hasn't blogged for quite a while now.
Oh my, it's getting dusty in here.
So. For the two of you out there who have been reading these lines (ok, just for the ONE of you. As I'm told, imaginary friends don't count)... the Cat is back.
She has been thinking about the whole blogging thing for quite a while now. I mean, where is this blog going? It's definately not a fashion blog, or a food blog, or a poetry blog, so...? And a few days ago, a lovely fashion blogger, Maria Kotsari from Go Stylish (www.mariakotsari.blogspot.com) reminded the Cat something she had forgotten: blogging is about being unique. The only direction you need to have, is towards yourself...

And exactly there, lies the problem. The Cat is not sure about the direction her life is taking, not sure exactly about who she is as the years go by. But, the Cat's Mother is a Virgo and if she has taught the Cat anything, is that the only way to impose order in your emotional mess, is to deal with the mess surrounding you. In other words, clean that desk. Rearrange these book piles. Give away all the lip glosses you don't need.

So the Cat has started cleaning up in here. And on her way to writing about what inspires her right now, she started reading blogs again. And she realised that apart from her all time classic favorites like Fashion Architect, LFoF, Soho Symposium, Kataifi, Alecca Rox, Life in Athens and of course her beloved Sara Von from Yes and Yes who is a constant inspiration (for all these links, see left column, the one with the Douglas Adams quote. Yes, the one about potatoes), lately she has discovered a few new blogging fixes (new to the Cat, mind you, not new to blogging). Wanna see?

(photo taken from www.littlestylist.net)
Little Stylist is fresh and honest. The Cat rather enjoys her fashion book reviews!

(photo taken from www.mirrordiaries.blogspot.com)
The Cat actually just discovered Mirror Diaries and she is very pleasantly surprised. I mean, the clothes! The style! The attitude! The girl, plainly, rocks.

(photo taken from www.mimzygirl.blogspot.com)
In Anne's Cake Party, the Cat realised that she shares a passion for sweets and baking with the lovely author. And us baking lovers gotta stick together. Because life's better when it's sweet, and all that jazz.

(photo taken from www.notyourusualwedding.wordpress.com)
And last, but not least, Not Your Usual Wedding. Margarita is a wedding stylist from whom we must expect great things. I adore the way she approaches words and clothes and celebrates uniqueness. If I ever were to marry I would trust her to help me narrate my love story via my wedding dress. Until then, I just visit her blog and sigh over all the lovely girls who dared to defy "rules". Oh, and this particular photo is inspiring for yet another reason: the Cat craves that hair colour.

So, I would like to thank these aforementioned bloggers for inspiring me and helping me write a new post after such a long time.
With a little help from fabulous ladies, it's actually not that cold inside after all...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Peut-etre qu'en Septembre...

...tu reviendras
Maybe, in September, you will be back.
That's a sweet, 90's song by Helene Rolles, the Cat used to listen to all the time.

The Cat had always great expectations of the month we like to call September.
Maybe it's the slight chill that makes the city more bearable, more mysterious even. Maybe it's the fact that, as far as the Cat is concerned, the New Year begins each September with the New School Year.
Maybe it's just that autumn is always so damn somber and melancholic and suits the Cat's moody moods just fine...

Whatever the reason, this September, the Cat will once again hope that:

1) She will stop postponing and start actually doing the things filed under "willdothatsomeday"
2) She will declutter her bathroom shelf, her beauty case, her wardrobe, her desk and her mind.
3) She will take better care of her self and use those beauty products. Well, some of them.
4) She will not skip yoga classes and she will find a way to have ballet back in her life.
5) She will lose the weight without going crazy about it. And then keep it off.
6) She will learn how to be a good student, and study History and do her assignments on time.
7)She will learn how to be a good sister (kisses from Greece all the way to Norway if you just read that), and a better friend and an even better aunt.
8) She will stop burdening the boyfriend with each complicated work issue and domestic drama and mood swing. In sort, she will hopefully stop nagging.
9) She will continue reading books in Spanish and learn some Norwegian.
10) She will find the Cat of her dreams and make it the Cat of her reality.
11) She will find a Home to furnish with bright colours and floral patterns. And with an old desk. And an old painting. And a brand new fridge. A humongous pile of books and shoes, artfully thrown on the floor. A dog. And a few cats who will think they own the place.
12) She will start writing again, until the file in her PC "book attempts", is renamed without the "attempts" part.
13) She will figure out what to do with her life, and her work and her future.
14) She will sleep more, drink less coffee, laugh more and worry less.
15) She will shop less. And she will not buy any more shoes unless something terrible happens to the ones she already owns.
16) She will have a third tattoo, and it will be of a more optimistic spirit than her two previous ones.
17) She will find a meaning in Life, the Universe and Everything.
18) She will find a meaning in this blog.

What's your September resolutions? Shall we keep them together?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shoe Mood of the Day III

"Sometimes, I may look like something the cat dragged in. But I will stay close to you and keep you safe and comfortable, as long as you wisper in my ear tales of forgotten lore..."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shoe mood of the day II

"Drinking tea with the taste of the Thames, sullenly on a chair on a pavement. Here you'll find, my thoughts and I...". (Morissey, Come Back to Camden)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shoe Mood of the Day

"I want to escape in a better world, full of cupcakes and retro dresses. I want to sing along with Lenka and Zooey Deschanel and believe in the fairytale. In other words, I want to sleep a good night's sleep"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mirror, mirror on your feet

"I don't know what is it about me, that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe it's because I smile too much. Maybe it's because I wear too much pink"... (said Pam, in True Blood)

So, they say eyes are the mirror of your soul.
The Cat beggs to differ.
Lately, she seems to think that shoes might reveal more about you than your sense of style, the amount of money you're willing to spend on trends, or your need to feel taller:p
Maybe a woman's shoe, is indeed the mirror of her soul.
So, what would your shoes say about you? Would they say...

(asos.com, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa) "I defy conventions. I am a fierce, fun woman who loves to be the center of attention and can handle sticky situations and criticism very well, thank you"

or more likely... (asos.com, asos sandals) "I am simple, but not plain. I like to be comfortable, but don't kid yourself boy: I know how to take care of myself. See how great my pedi looks?"

The Cat has gathered some of her shoes and tried to figure out what they're saying about her.Ready to find out?
"I can be a Lady. But ok, only if I let my freak flag fly"

"I will try being sexy, if you will try to notice it more. Also, hold my hand. Can't really walk on these things".

"Stay with me and I will take you places. Mess with me, and you mess with Chuck Norris".

But right now, the Cat is not in the mood for flamboyant statements and big words.
The Cat is in the mood for "what you see, is what's you get".
And of course, there is the perfect shoe for that.
jelly shoes, bought in Barcelona for 8 euro.

So if the Cat feels a bit naked and exposed, it's OK.
She is not going to hide behind a shoe.You can't really do that, anywayz.

"Trust I seek, and I find in you"
Because, in the end, Nothing Else Matters.